Why Choose Umbrella Heating Services?

Umbrella Heating Services has been assessed and deemed worthy to join one of the UK's Leading trade associations. So this is why they think you might choose Umbrella Heating Services for your next job. 

Umbrella Heating Services is a Which? Trusted Trader

Why use a Which? Trusted trader?

Which? has been testing products and services for nearly 60 years.

Now Which? is assessing and endorsing local tradesmen and tradeswomen

The Which? Trusted trader logo is a sign of quality, helping consumers choose the right trader and giving good traders the recognition they deserve. As a Which? Trusted trader, we are being endorsed from the UK’s leading consumer organisation. It’s not something they give to anyone. Our business has been carefully vetted by Which's? trading standards professionals. Once they we’re satisfied that Umbrella Heating Services met their own high standards, then we were endorsed as a Which? Trusted trader – and that hopefully helps us stand out from the rest.